We are a hand-tended microfarm located in Westport, MA. We grow about 1.5 acres of produce using natural and organic methods. Since our produce is hand-tended we can ensure that our produce is of the utmost quality. 


"What the heck does aeonian mean and how do you pronounce it?"



ē-ˈō-nē-ən (ee-o-nee-an)

: means indefinite or everlasting.


The name speaks to our holistic approach to farming grounded in responsible land stewardship and the cumulative enrichment of the soil.



Kate started out her post-college working life as operations manager at a research institute in Washington, DC. She abandoned her desk chair after she fell in love with farming during an around the world journey volunteering on farms. She worked for a year as a crew member at Riverbank Farm in Roxbury, CT (where she met Andrew). Then worked for a year as assistant manager at Four Season Farm in Harborside, ME. Kate loves to bake sourdough bread, stink up the house with fermentation experiments, and forage for (easy to identify) mushrooms.


This is Andrew's seventh season doing what he loves most. He started out interning at Brooklyn Grange in NYC, before finding a home at Riverbank Farm in Roxbury, CT. He worked at Riverbank for 4 years in the field and at the Westport, CT and New Canaan, CT farmers markets. He then moved to Harborside, ME with Kate to spend a year as assistant manager at Four Season Farm. Andrew loves to make pizza, eat pizza, and plan for the next time he will make pizza.